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Tov Coffee & Tea Branding

An elegant rebrand for Tov Coffee & Tea, with a clean and minimal logo along with distinct packaging for their line of teas. 

Tov Finals-07.png
Tov Finals-11.png

Tea Packaging

Tov Finals-10.png
Business Card Mock.png

Business Cards



To-Go Cups


I wanted to create a logo for Tov that captures their authentic and open qualities. I chose the typeface Playfair Display because it is elegant and sophisticated. I wanted to make this logo more fun by slanting the letters upwards. This also represents the stairs going up to the second floor of the double decker bus. 

The diacritic accent above the “O” was altered to make this type more unique to Tov. I created an oval shape from the top of the “T” and extended this to subtract from the side of the diacritic. This rounded shape of the diacritic also makes the form resemble the lid of a coffee cup. 

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