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Top Dishes I've Tried While Studying Abroad

Here are some of my favorite dishes I've tried during my time studying abroad in London, UK and traveling around Europe.

1. Meatballs for the People (Stockholm) - Get the boar meatballs, you won't regret it.

2. Sally Lunn's (Bath) - The lemon curd buns are out of this world delicious!

3. The Pie Maker (Galway) - Biscoff pie. amazing.

4. Pizzaria De Nanni (Barcelona) - Possibly the best pizza I've had EVER. The worker made me some random concoction that wasn't even on the menu and I loved it.

5. Elan Cafe (London) - Great waffles in the most gorgeous interior.

6. Fabrique Bakery (Stockholm) - The cinnamon and cardamum buns are a must try!

7. Skansen (Stockholm) - I was searching for Swedish pancakes and I found them at Skansen topped with cloudberry jam and whipped cream.

8. Cupcakes & Shhht (London) - Who wouldn't want a milkshake with a cupcake on top? Plus it's all vegan!

9. Oli Baba's (London) - Halloumi fries with pomegranate seeds, incredible.

10. Harrods (London) - Delicious pizza and ravioli!

11. Brunch & Cake (Barcelona) - Tastes as good as it looks! I got matcha pancakes.

12. Attendant Shoreditch (London) - The banana bread is insane, try it!

13. Farm Girl (London) - Vegan and gluten free pancakes with a rose latte!

14. Dalloway Terrace (London) - Make a reservation and sit by their beautiful seasonally decorated wall on the terrace!

15. The Baked Potato Shop (Edinburgh) - I think they gave me practically a whole avocado on my potato but I have no complaints.

16. Hula Juice Cafe (Edinburgh) - Edinburgh is about pushing the healthy fats I guess, because this banana nice cream bowl had like 5 tablespoons of peanut butter in it, and it was amazingly delicious.

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